Buddhist statues can be classified into four main categories.

1 Nyorai

(This picture is my work. Amida)

Nyorai category has the highest rank.


These are the ones that have attained enlightenment. The most famous nyorai is Shaka Nyorai,the founder of Buddhism - Amida Nyorai ,who leads people to the Pure Land -Yakushi Nyorai , who can heal the sick *Different nyorai statues are used by different sects

2 Bosatsu

(This picture is my work . Jizou)


These are the ones who are working towards attaining enlightenment.

The most common bosatsu is Kannon Bosatsu,who has a warm smile and offers help to people with problems.

3 Myo-o

(This picture is my work . fudou )


Myo-o are deities who punish those ignoring Buddha's teaching.


(This picture is my work . Bishyamon )


Ten are Indian gods and goddesses who became Buddhist guardian deities.



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